Private School Jewel

First Impressions

You´ll be hard pressed to find a better tour design than the one at Private School Jewel. It´s incredible! Some might find it a little too busy with too many graphical distractions but I thought it was fantastic. There are plenty of free pictures of her and it´s crystal clear that she´s a fantastically cute young lady with a super hot teen body. She´s one of the prettiest chicks I´ve seen in a long time so I´m already madly in lust with her. I see from the videos that she gets fully naked and there´s a preview of her making out with another chick, so that should be a lot of fun.

Hot Promises

Private School Jewel promises that she´s 18 and that she´s bi-curious, which is always a fun time. She promises that as a member you get two updates per week and sometimes more. You´ll get fully nudity from the gal and there are outdoor sets as well. The promise of girl-girl content is a good one since the thought of seeing this sweet young lady hooking up with another chick is really hot. She promises multiple formats for her videos and she says that she gets naughty in them. The teenage model doesn´t get any more specific than that though. I can´t wait to get inside!


There´s a short greeting video from Private School Jewel upon entering the site and you can see the list of the most recent updates below it. So far she´s kept her promise of adding new content twice a week and she´s alternating between pictures and videos. Below the header along the top of the page you´ll find links to all the content sections of the solo teen website. All the important stuff is there so you´re only a few clicks away from the pleasure you crave at any given time.

There are currently 37 picture galleries at Private School Jewel. She lists 15 per page and they have a title and a picture preview. Usually the preview shows what she´s wearing to make choosing the proper gallery easy. The full size images display at 1200px and can be downloaded in a zip file. You typically get 50-100 pictures per gallery with the occasional set having 200+ shots. There´s a short description for each set if you want to get an overview of what goes down before you start browsing.

Private School Jewel looks every bit like the teenage girl she´s supposed to be. She has an adorable smile, little tits, lovely straight hair, and a tiny body. That gives all of her content a cuteness and she often plays it up with her outfit choices. That means lots of adorable dresses, tanks tops, skirts, tight shorts, etc. It´s sexier than the typical teen girl though. I think that´s just because Jewel is a lot sexier than the typical teen girl. That makes her site an ideal mix of cute and sexy, which is almost always the key to throbbing erections. In addition to the cute-style outfits she dresses in lingerie and sultrier looks on a few occasions.

There are 13 videos in the collection so far and they most definitely take the naughtiness to another level. One of the first she ever added shows her in bed using a pink vibrator to pleasure her pussy. She holds it against the clit and lets the pleasure of the vibrations rush through her and make her moan loudly. There´s also a stunning French kissing video between her and a blonde girl named Paris. The two ladies swap spit continuously and it´s genuinely astounding how sexy they look going at each other in that way. Private School Jewel is not one of those girls that shies away from showing her pussy or pursuing pleasure; she loves getting off and she loves the attention that she gets when she does stuff like make out with a girl.

There are six versions of each video you can download. The high quality WMV plays at 640x480 and 5200kbps and that represents the best looking clip you´ll find. There´s an MP4 that looks exactly the same but the files are bigger. You can also download a lower quality WMV, a 3GP file, and a low resolution file for your PSP. Most videos also have a version for the iPhone. Downloads are incredibly fast.

The Private School Jewel webcam shows are interesting because she uses them to hang out with her members. She usually wears something cute and then she takes questions while very slowly stripping. She has a microphone so while you type in your questions she can talk to you and give all the answers you want. She´s honest and forthright and she´s usually there for an hour so you get lots of answers. She also takes her clothes off and typically she masturbates and plays with her tits so you get a little of everything. It´s not clear how often she plans on doing shows. She has two in the webcam archive at the moment and she doesn´t have a scheduled show at the moment. I assume she´ll be doing more.

There have been 15 blog posts so far and Jewel does a pretty good job of keeping you informed about her life. She posts stuff about what she does, parties she goes to, her studies, etc. Most posts also include candid pictures, like those of her Halloween from last year. Hot stuff! The forum features a little bit of discussion so far and the most positive thing is that Jewel actually responds. That´s one of the good things about joining a new site right after it launches. The girl is way more likely to be there talking to you. There´s an extras section where she hopes to post candid photos, wallpapers, and behind the scenes content but at the moment it´s completely empty, even though there are a few candids teased on the tour.

Croco´s Opinion

Private School Jewel has a terrific website for you to check out if you´re into young beauties with tight bodies. She models her hotness in picture galleries and videos and does live webcam shows where she chats at length with her members and answers any questions you might come up with. Her picture sets are striptease sets with full nudity and they include lots of hot outfits. Her videos tend towards pussy pleasuring and include a little bit of hot lesbian kissing and fooling around as well. Her blog is updated regularly with informative posts and she chats with her members on the forum. Right now Private School Jewel is everything a solo girl should be and she´s totally hot so her site is a must join if you find her attractive.


The design is fantastic and browsing through the site couldn´t be easier.

Pricing Policy

It´s $29.23 for 30 days, $39.32 for 60 days, and $49.32 for 90 days.

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